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        Do More Does It All!

Oversee clients having to downsize, researching Adult living opportunities,

Assist homebuyers with selecting everything from an electrician to termite inspector, to their settlement company,

Oversee every step of a local move, serve as go-to contact on moving day,

Prepare filing systems for in-home and commercial offices,

Set up online bill payments and educate clients about online banking,

Regularly complete data entry and reconciliations in Quickbooks for clients personal & business accounting,

Weekly laundry visits & grocery shopping runs for busy families,

Plan and assist with birthday & anniversary parties, and even wedding weekend activities,

Manage the production and mailing of family holiday cards and birth announcements,

Scan years of children's artwork for a busy mom and produced CDs for her to keep for years to come,

Oversee every detail of families move from the States to Hong Kong & Cape Town, South Africa.

...The possibilities are endless, there is so much that busy people need to have done, all you need to do is ask!

Whatever you need, Do More with LES can probably help!