WHat Does Do More Do?


It all started when…

2009 was a wake-up call for me and may have been the best thing to ever happen to me. I was forced to be inspired to start Do More with LES. When the name of the business came to me, I called myself at home (on my landline) and left myself a message with the name so I could not forget and took it from there once I got home and listened to my messages!

Do More almost literally does it all. Licensed in Virginia with a Real Estate Salesperson license, that is where it all began. I was helping buyers and sellers do everything from meet the plumber to overseeing home inspections to ultimately… moving day! All very exciting to be a part of. I love helping people. It’s fun and easy to me. Let’s get to work!

I can help so many more people than just real estate agents these days. My testimonials just start to tell some stories with great examples.

Here is a sampling of what Do More does:

Mailings - editing, proofing, fold, stuff, seal, stamp!

Pick up & Delivery – Condo Docs, EMD, etc.

Purchase & Delivery of Client Gifts – Settlement, Birthday, Anniversary, New baby

Install & Remove – Lockboxes, Signs & Riders, etc.

Oversee – Staging & De-stagings, Contractors, Home Inspections, Photo Shoots, Movers, etc.

Copy Keys, Copy/Scan Condo Docs, etc.

Delivery of Donated Goods/Coordinate Pick-ups, etc.

Email Upkeep/Sorting

Blog Content Research

Schedule Buyer Showing Tours

Check on vacant listings

Hand write client notes

Coordinate logistics for Client Appreciation Days

Enter listing information/upload pictures into MRIS

Social Media Presence Assistance, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Rates & Discounts

  • Fair, Hourly Rates & Monthly billing

  • Friends & Family Discounts

  • Referral Discounts & Rewards

  • Clock starts when I arrive to client

Just a Few Services, There are plenty more!

  • Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation Help

  • Childcare & Transport

  • Office Organization

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Real Estate Transaction Coordinating